Beer Descriptions 2024

1st Republic Brewing Co.  (Tent # 6)

  1. Firefly– Sessions IPA 4.7% ABV 36 IBU :  Hazy light body and color. Full of tropical fruit flavors, citrus, lemon zest with some floral notes.
  2. Casey’s Winter Beard – Chocolate Raspberry Imperial Porter 7.8% ABV 23 IBU :  Bold complex beer with tasting notes of raspberry and chocolate. A blend of 5 different types of malts, cacao nibs and over 42lbs of raspberry puree.
  3. That’s My Jam– Blackberry Sour 4.5 % ABV 10 IBU :  Light sour ale with amazing fruit flavor from blackberry puree added during fermentation 

14th Star Brewing Co.  (Tent # 8)

  1. Citranade7.7% ABV 75 IBU:  A hazy NE Style Double IPA dry-hopped with an abundance of Citra hops for a pleasant bitter bite and sweet aromatics.
  2. Mexican Lager4.75% ABV 6 IBU:  This refreshing Mexican lager features a hint of corn sweetness balanced by a pinch of sea salt & a squeeze of lime. 
  3. Raspberry Vermonter Weiss- 3.8% ABV 2 IBU:  A sour wheat beer brewed with raspberries to impart a bright fruit flavor and a huge aroma of fresh raspberries in every sip of this beautiful deep pink beer.

Branch and Blade  (Tent # 2)

  1. Everything Before this Was 4 Play– NEIPA 7.8% ABV:  NEW! Hopped with Citra, Motueka and Riwaka. Brewed again for the anniversary!
  2. Sack Lunch- Sour Ale 6% ABV:  NEW! Sour ale with tart Cherry x2, peanut butter and marshmallow
  3. Good Morning Campers– stout 8% ABV:  Collab with Time & Materials, Stout with maple syrup, blueberry, coffee and cinnamon.
  4. Lacuna– German Pilsner 5% ABV:  w/ Mittelfruh & Saaz

Black Flannel Brewing  (Tent # 20)

  • Disco Montage– NEIPA 6.5% ABV 45 IBU:  Loaded with citrus and tropical hops. Notes of mango, sweet tangerine and pomelo. Soft, elegant mouthfeel, lingering with subtle maltiness. 
  1. Dent Head– Kolsch- Style 4.8% ABV 16 IBU:  Straw-colored, light bodied and easy drinking with malt notes of cracker and bread dough, spicy noble hops and cherry fruit ester from the yeast. 
  2. Pilsner– North German 5% ABV 38 IBU:  Classic North German Pilsner brewed with Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Light bready malts pair naturally with a balanced floral hop character and firm bitterness. 

Brick and Feather Brewery  (Tent # 27) 

  1. Letters from Zelda6.5% ABV:  Our original American IPA! This beer features a lush, fruity body with notes of tangerine, grapefruit and melon, set upon a smooth, supportive malt base. The finish is clean and slightly sweet. Brewed with American and British 2-row barleys, and hopped with five different hops, including a healthy dose of Amarillo.
  2. 20 Sided Die– Belgian style tap beer 3.8 % ABV:  A Table beer inspired by the classic table top role play game, Dungeons & Dragons. Brewed with continental pilsner malt, Rye and Oats, and hopped with Czech Saaz. A touch of wildflower honey was added during fermentation to add a subtle acidity and floral notes which complement the hop choice. Smooth, refreshing, and crazy drinkable!
  3. A Small Group of Reasonable People– English style mild ale 4% ABV:  It is low in alcohol and quenching, yet surprisingly complex and satisfying, in a way that paler beers just don’t quite accomplish. Ours is brewed with traditional floor-malted English barley varieties and fermented with an English yeast for a slightly fruity and soft Ale.

Citizen Cider  (Tent # 1)

  1. Raspberry Crush- 4.8 % ABV:  Fruit forward cider crafted with Raspberry
  2. American- 5% ABV:   Cider co-fermented with cranberries
  3. Mountain Hopper 6.9% ABV: Hopped imperial cider with black tea

Dirt Church Brewing Co.   (Tent # 18)

  1. Hartwell Porter- 5.7% ABV:  Traditional English porter with notes of chocolate & coffee. Roasty and bright
  2. Trail Angel5% ABV:  VT Pale ale to crush and enjoy with Mackinac, Citra & El Dorado hops. 
  3. Grade A Fancy Blonde5.7% ABV:  Maple whiskey barrel aged blonde ale perfect for summer kick off!

Eden Specialty Ciders  (Tent # 13)

  1. Peak Bloom Harvest Cider6.2% ABV:  Lush Apple fruit balanced by light tannin and soft lingering tartness. Superbly crushable.
  2. Deep Cut Harvest Cider- 6.2% ABV:  Ripe apples beautifully balanced with acid and tannin. Dry and refreshing.
  3. Brut Rosè Harvest Cider- 6.9% ABV:  Gorgeous color, bright fruit. Semi dry with light tannin.

Element Brewing & Distilling  (Tent # 10)

  1. Vernal Porter8.75% ABV 42 IBU :  Rum Barrel Aged Maple Porter
  2. Summer Pilsner Fusion- 9% ABV 55 IBU:  Oatmeal Pilsner 
  3. Light Bender Lager4.75% ABV 16 IBU:  Light lager brewed with cashmere hops 

Frogg Brewing  (Tent # 22)

  1. Frogg Splash4.6% ABV 11 IBU:  Watermelon wheat beer made with Jolly Ranchers. Light, sweet, refreshing.
  2. F. Bomb DIPA – 8.4% ABV 7 IBU:   Double IPA with Galaxy, Amarillo, Simcoe. Double dry hopped with Citra Galaxy & Simcoe
  3. I’m Your Huckleberry- Berliner Weiss 4.5% ABV 7 IBU:  Sour made with huckleberries, blueberries, vanilla beans and marshmallows.

Lawsons Finest Liquids  (Tent # 28)

  1. Sip of Sunshine8% ABV:  Inspired by double sunshine, Sip of Sunshine was first brewed in 2014 at Two Roads Brewery in Strafford CT and quickly became our #1 flagship beer. Fans adore the juicy, tropical fruit flavors, bright floral aromas and delectable layers of hop flavor. It’s like sipping on sunshine! 
  2. Super Lemonova5.1% ABV:  This incredibly balanced, thirst-quenching blonde ale is busting with citrusy hop notes that are complimented by a subtle twist of tartness coming from multiple additions of lemon zest. 
  3. Lupulin Gumbo 7% ABV:  A collaboration brew with Crooked Stave from Colorado, Lupulin Gumbo is a juicy India Pale Ale with Talus, Vista and experimental HBC 630 hops. 

Liambru Tasty  (Tent # 25)

  1. Thug Duck IPA7.6% ABV:  A one of a kind double IPA, rich and juicy featuring Vic Secret & Simcoe
  2. Al’s Lager4.7% ABV:  A classic Vermont Lager.
  3. Van Wicked NEIPA- 6%ABV:  Smooth and refreshing traditional New England IPA featuring Citra, mosaic and El Dorado.

Mount Holly Beer  (Tent # 11)

  1. Belmont Lager4.8% ABV 20 IBU:  Single origin Helles Lager that was step mashed and single decocted.
  2. Green Stand5.5% ABV 20 IBU:  Hopped with Citra, strata, HBC586, citrus forward IPA and brewed for drinkability.
  3. Green Mountain Gold– 

Putney Winery  (Tent # 5)

  1. Simply Blueberry- A silky, dry red wine crafted 100% from Vermont blueberries, tannic and full-bodied. The perfect red dinner wine, with a hint of blueberry aroma and finish. These blueberries are the bounty of the harvest grown right here in Putney
  2. Simply Cranberry- A customer favorite. Richly flavorful tart and semi-dry cocktail and dinner wine. A welcome feature with your Thanksgiving turkey, mulled in the winter, a refreshing summer delight and… we enjoy it all year-around.
  3. Rhubarb Blush-   Rhubarb Blush is our most popular wine. This subtle blend of rhubarb and strawberry with a hint of red raspberry makes an aperitif and dessert wine that will make you smile. This wine highlights the balance between the sweetness of the berries and the tartness of the rhubarb. The salmon-pink color enhances the atmosphere at a dinner party or the beach or with your feet up “apres-ski”.

Scott Farm Vermont  (Tent # 7)

  1. Chez Mémé– Cider 6% ABV :  French style hard cider Pet`Nat` – Dry 
  2. Kingston Black– Cider 6.5% ABV:  Keeved single varietal- semi-dry 
  3. Redfield Rosé- Cider 7.5% ABV:  Barrel aged – Dry- Spring flower Rosé

Shacksbury Cider  (Tent # 17)

  1. Blackberry Lime with Mint- Cider 6.0% ABV:  Cider with Blackberry, lime and mint 
  2. Classic– Cider 5.5% ABV:  Our flagship Semi-dry 
  3. Yuzu Ginger– Cider 6.0% ABV:  Cider with citrus and ginger spice.

Stowe Cider  (Tent # 26)

  1. Tonberry Cherry – NEW Semi-Dry Cider  5.5  ABV:  Perfect balance of sweet and sour!  
  2. Safety- Dry hopped Cider 6.5 % ABV:  Loaded with Citra and Galaxy hops to add complex notes of tropical and citrus fruit. No it’s not bitter.
  3. Gummy Bear– Dry Cider 5.7 % ABV:  A dry cider infused with a blend of blue raspberry gummy bears.

Upper Pass Beer Co.  (Tent # 12)

  1. Upper Valley Lager -4.8% ABV:  Our Upper Valley Lager is a clean and balanced lager inspired by its European pilsner counterparts. The aroma is reminiscent of fresh baked bread with a clean herbal note,  approachable with a balanced bitterness, a lightly sweet and bready malt profile, and a pleasant noble hop bite.
  2. Hip 2 the Hops – 5.8% ABV 
  3. 100HP Moped– IPA 5.8% ABV:  While this unassuming IPA may appear fairly standard at first glance, you’ll find after one sip that it packs a punch! 100 HP Moped is hopped up with a blend of lupulin – concentrated Citra and mosaic hops in addition to a heavy dose of galaxy for a super charged experience in a small package. 

Vermont Beermakers  (Tent # 3)

  1. Pebble- Double IPA 8.1% ABV:  A luxuriously fruity New England Double IPA. Pebble in Paradise is generously hopped with a combination of Cashmere, and Mosaic hops. Close your eyes and experience this tropical wonderland.
  2. Verd– Vermont IPA 5.2% ABV:  Verd is a hoppy tribute to the IPA culture in the Green Mountain State. The generous use of three hop varieties carried by a soft malt backbone makes this an assertive, yet smooth and refreshing IPA. Hop Profile: Amarill, Southern Cross.
  3. Feather– Pilsner Lager 4.1% ABV:  A harmonious combination of German and American brewing traditions make for a sophisticated Pilsner style lager. Feather showcases a carefully orchestrated balance of six different malts, accompanied by fresh German Tettnang hops.
  4. Vibrant– Sour ale 4.8 % ABV:  Sour ale series exploring different fruit puree combinations. Our first rendition uses a copasetic balance of pineapple and tangerine fruit puree with our tart Berliner Weise base. 

Wormtown   (Tent # 4)

  1. Be Hoppy- IPA 6.5 % ABV 20 IBU:  BE HOPPY is our take on the Left Coast IPA. The huge aromatics and big citrus forward flavors come from the copious amount of hops we use during our double dry hop and hop back processes
  2. Don’t Worry– IPA 5.8 % ABV:  Don’t Worry is our take on the Right Coast IPA. With the perfect amount of amber haze, big tropical fruit aromatics and a touch of juicy hop bitterness

Whetstone   (Van # 15)

  1. Off the Rails- IPA:  Off the Rails features generous East Coast style dry-hopping on top of a West Coast style IPA. All of the spirit of a delicious NIPA built on the complex flavors and slightly spicy characteristics of a more traditional malt build, including Carmel malt and rye.
  2. Whetstone– IPA 4.5 % ABV:  Our bright and delicious Whetstoner session IPA has big aroma and flavor but is just 4.5% abv. It’s the perfect beer for a thirst that needs quenching.
  3. Ruglife- Amber Ale:  Our amber ale is full-flavored, carefully balanced, and easy-drinking, with a solid malty backbone and just the right amount of hops–pairs well with almost anything.